Eric  specializes in working with aggressive, fearful, and high energy dogs.  If you are unsure how to solve your dog's behavior problems or just want to get training done the right way, the first time, Eric is here for you.   
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Does your dog...

  Dart out the door,

  Pull you down the street on your walks,

  Bark at everything, even you,

  Run the wrong direction when called,

  Play bites, licks others, or self excessively,

  Greet guests at the front door inappropriately,

  Get nervous in the presence of other dogs or people,

  Sit Stay until verbally released,

  Pay you no attention in the presence of others,

•  Attack other animals or chase cars and many more.........

Are you at your wits end??
We can help!  At Save Me from The Dog House, we believe that
every dog has a chance!!!

Eric will help your dog stay out of the dog house!!!

You should expect:

1.  Good solutions to your dog's behavioral problems (all breeds,  
     large and small)

2.  Dog training done for you in home setting (Boarding and Training)

3.  Convenient services customized for you and your dog
     (In home training or group classes)

4.  A new appreciation and love for your dog as you come to see
     and believe that your dog can learn dog obedience and exhibit
     good manners

5. Professional services guaranteed. No misleading guarantees! 
    You can trust Eric's experience, integrity, and professionalism.
    He is a leader, preferred dog trainer, and a dog behavioral expert 
    thought out Georgia. Servicing Cherokee, Cobb, Fulton County
    and all Atlanta surrounding areas. You need help he will
    be there!

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Come board you’re pooch and have them trained at one location with Save Me From The Dog House dog training!

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